How Can I Help?

“How can I help?” is the question we hear most at CancerBlows. In fact, that question asked by dozens of trumpeters indirectly led to the creation of CancerBlows. It makes sense. When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it is a helpless feeling.

Fortunately, there are so many ways to help. Below are some suggestions to get you started.

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Attend An Event

The best part about CancerBlows is attending one of our legendary concerts. When else can you see Doc Severinsen, Arturo Sandoval, Wayne Bergeron, Allen Vizzutti, Ronnie Romm, Lee Loughnane, Rashawn Ross and even more amazing trumpet players share the same stage?



Volunteers are the backbone of every non-profit. Occasionally The Ryan Anthony Foundation needs volunteers to help with events. Volunteer opportunities include many glamorous positions like working in the merchandise boutique, acting as a runner, helping pack mailers, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email that includes your geographic area to If you have other specific skills, please let us know!

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Finally an excuse to shop online at midnight without guilt! You should even feel good about it. The CancerBlows online store is full of amazing items that you simply must own and then must give to everyone you know for their birthday. New items are released on a regular basis – the latest include the Giddings Ryan Anthony Mouthpiece; the Finally CancerBlows Wine Glass; the Classic Black Logo Tee and the Berryman ¼ Zip Pullover. Not only will you be fashionable, but your purchases help support CancerBlows’ mission.

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Host an Event

CancerBlows is fortunate to be supported by many talented people. You can help raise money for the CancerBlows mission by hosting your own concert or event. There are many rules and regulations that must be followed to preserve copyrights and other lawyery details, but third-party events are an important part of fundraising for CancerBlows. (See below for the legalese mice type.) If you are interested in hosting a third-party event, contact for approval and additional details.

Hosting an Event: The Fine Print

Third party events may not use the name or logo of CancerBlows as the title of the concert. It should be clear that the event is not an official CancerBlows event. However, the name and logo can be used (with prior written approval from The Ryan Anthony Foundation) in a secondary header or tagline such as:

“An Evening of Hope with Jane Doe supporting CancerBlows (or benefitting CancerBlows)”

The CancerBlows logo may be used with prior approval as long as it is not top billing in marketing or public relations. The logo may not be used on merchandise or promotional items.

CancerBlows and The Ryan Anthony Foundation cannot be named on any event production contracts like the venue rental, etc. or pay any of the concert expenses.

Donations made directly to your event are not tax deductible unless your organization has its own not-for-profit designation from the IRS.

Any musicians asked to participate in the event pro bono or at a reduced fee should be clearly informed that it is not an official CancerBlows event prior to booking.

Organizations and individuals also may not use the name or likeness of Ryan Anthony without prior written permission.


Host a Blood Drive

Your donation of blood and/or platelets can save a cancer patient’s life.

Cancer patients often require blood and platelet transfusions to survive. Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments reduce the body’s natural ability to create red blood cells which are needed to carry oxygen throughout the body. Treatments also may limit the body’s production of platelets which are crucial in helping blood clot. During the last two years of Ryan’s life, he received platelet transfusions 2-3 times per week and red blood transfusions on a regular basis.

To donate, visit the Red Cross website or search for a local blood bank in your area.

Better yet, you can host a blood drive in your community or at your school or business. The Red Cross or your local blood bank can help you organize the event.


Be the Match

Ryan underwent four stem cell transplants over the course of his eight years of treatment. Stem cell transplants are often the only option for a cure for blood cancer patients or, for high-risk patients like Ryan, the best option to add years to a terminal diagnosis.

Two of Ryan’s transplants used stem cells donated by another person. Using someone else’s stem cells can “reset” the immune system and better help it recognize the cancer as an invader.

Be The Match is a non-profit that manages potential stem cell donor information and matches it with needy patients. It is easy to be added to the donor database. Visit; sign up to receive a donation mailer; swab your cheek and send the sample back. Your information will be added to the donor database and if you are a suitable match for a patient, you will be contacted with more information about next steps.

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