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Performing with Canadian Brass and Dallas Symphony Orchestra. This was the day I was tested for MM cancer. Thanksgiving Day football - Dallas Cowboys game -playing with members of Dallas Symphony Orchestra. I was diagnosed the day prior of my having MM.
First day of treatment at Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center. First fever and use of mask at home while being on treatments.
While on treatments prior to transplant I was able to continue coaching my daughters basketball team! Easter Morning. A stop at the hospital for treatment before the family goes to church.
Kids doing homework while waiting for my treatment to finish. A visit from my daughter during a treatment.
We live in a wonderful community in Sunnyvale, TX. Our neighbors rallying behind me and my family. Sunnyvale ISD - showing their support for myself and our children
Showing off my new line! Prior to heavy chemo a visit from friend and former colleague - Jeff Nelsen
Jens Lindemann and trumpet section of DSO - last visit prior to sick leave from work. Jens Lindemann visits to give last minute encouragemet prior to transplant and heavy chemo. Leave it to close friend Jens to make the most of the opportunity!
Last weekend before transplant and I was able to join friend Lee Loughnane and the band Chicago The day of transplant - a visit from long time close friend and fellow cancer survivor- Tony DiLorenzo!
The day of my transplant - a visit from our maestro - Jaap van Zweden! Day of Transplant - April 19. The staff on the floor filled the room with confetti and gave me a birthday card for my new 'Birthday'!
Room with a View! Downtown Dallas seen from Baylor Hospital Getting prepared for my new stem cells!
Time to shave off what's left of my hair - but having fun with my daughter in the process. Daily visit to Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center of Baylor Hospital
Walking around to get some excercise while hooked up at with treatments. A typical day and hook up during my treatments after transplant.
Treatment at Baylor Hospital While on sick leave the DSO traveled through Europe. Prior to each concert they placed my picture on my stand. Amazing colleagues!
My brother, RB Anthony, being tested for a stem cell match. A maintenance visit between travels and concerts.
Maintenance visits every two weeks. Wonderful staff of nurses that I can call 'friends'. Another great visit from my brother RB Anthony
Cheers! To a new life, with amazing partner and wife, Niki Anthony First social outing after transplant -going to the movies with my kids.
My first public appearance after transplant was supporting this event - created by colleague and friend Erin Hannigan and her oboe studio at SMU. Visiting my colleagues during sick leave and comparing hair style with maestro Jaap van Zweden
While on sick leave the orchestra was in great hands with Chris Martin First concert back with DSO and Dr.'s Berryman and Kronenberger came to support the event.
After my first concert back. With Dr.'s Berryman, Kronenberger, Maestro van Zweden and Niki. Honored to perform for MMRF
With MMRF's Kathy Giusti and Walter Capone. Performing at MMRF's Chicago Award Dinner - with Gary Beard, piano
Performing for MMRF Award Dinner Performing for MMRF
Proud to partner with MMRF Conference call with MMRF while being treated at Baylor - discussing Cancer Blows.
Production meeting at Meyerson Symphony Hall for Cancer Blows. Production meeting for Cancer Blows - joined by a great crew!
Production meeting for Cancer Blows. Joined by staff at Meyerson Symphony Hall and DSO, WFAA, Erica Brenner, Michael Bishop, Mike Vendeland and Chris Shick. Production meeting for Cancer Blows
Cancer Blows brochures Cancer Blows Kick-Off Party sponsors
Cancer Blows Kick-Off Party. With Baylor Health Care System Foundation - Robin Robertson, Courtney Rottman, Susan McSherry and Tim Moore. Cancer Blows Kick-Off Party. Honory Chair, Hal and Diane Brierley.
Cancer Blows Kick-Off Party. Amazing Event Chair, D'Andra Simmons-Locke and Jeremy Locke Cancer Blows Kick-Off Party. With D'Andra Simmons and Jeremy Lock
Cancer Blows Kick-Off Party with MMRF Brooke Roberts, Michael Hund and Niki Anthony Cancer Blows Kick-Off Party. With Dr. Brian Berryman
Cancer Blows Kick-Off Party. With Niki Anthony Cancer Blows Kick-Off Party...with last minute wine glass mute!
Cancer Blows Kick-Off Party wtih Gary Beard, piano Cancer Blows Kick-Off Party. Performing Someone To Watch Over Me
Planning Cancer Blows with the 'Gang' of MMRF - Walter Capone, Michael Hund, Brooke Roberts, Ryan Anthony, Sharon Salas and Laura Gilman Visiting MMRF headquarters...nice welcome!
Visiting the MMRF headquarters with Walter Capone - President and CEO of MMRF